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Pantry Moths

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Pantry Moths In Oregon

Several kinds of pantry moths cause troubles for Oregon residents and their homes. The most common variety being the Indianmeal Moth.

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Indianmeal moths

Indianmeal moths seem to be the most prolific in warm summer months (most often taking flight at dusk) but can infest homes throughout the year. The adult moths are about 3/4 inch long and have a lighter color on the front half of the wings and a darker color on the back half of the wings. The moths have an irregular zigzag flight pattern making them difficult to catch.

Other signs of Indianmeal Moths include small holes in dry food packaging accompanied by white webbing inside packages and on food. They love dry herbs, dog food, pasta, grains, and nearly all other dry foodstuffs. Wild bird seed is possibly the most frequent source of infestation.

Without professional help, eliminating Indianmeal moths can be extremely frustrating for homeowners. The moths seek out undisturbed dried foods (often in difficult to find places like the back of cupboards) to lay their eggs. As these eggs turn to larvae webbing is created on the dried foods leaving foods contaminated and unusable.

How to get rid of pantry moths:

Step One: Carefully go through your pantry and dispose of contaminated dry goods.

Step Two: Have your home treated by our trained technician. This treatment will quickly eliminate and prevent pantry moths for up to four months!

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