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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

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Commercial Pest Control

Bug Zapper's Commercial Pest Control Services are designed to eliminate pest problems and keep your space pest free. Whether you are responsible for a restaurant, apartment building, office space, hotel, retail store, school, or other type of commercial location, we can make your job easier with guaranteed effective commercial pest management solutions. Reliable, professional, affordable - Bug Zapper Pest Control. View our commercial pricing and learn about ways to save.

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Commercial Pest Proofing

Many businesses have been destroyed by mice, cockroaches, etc. Don't let pest interrupt the quality service you provide your customers.

Our pest proofing protects your establishment from all possible pest entry points and conditions conducive to problems. A little prevention goes a long way in curtailing problems down the road.

Let Bug Zapper Pest Control fortify your building.

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One-Time Pest Elimination

Commercial buildings are high pest risk zones. Incoming freight, people coming and going, and substantial food sources all contribute to pest problems.

Our one-time service is a great emergency measure that starts with a thorough building inspection. However, we strongly recommend our Monthly Commercial Service for guaranteed, constant protection.

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Monthly Plan

Our Monthly Plan is your 100% GUARANTEED pest free solution. We custom design every commercial plans to best protect your business and customers.

Every month we will conduct a detailed pest evaluation and treat your building to eliminate threats. You can expect flexible treatment hours, accurate service documentation and amazing service from Bug Zapper Pest Control.

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