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Wilsonville Oregon Pest Control

#1 Wilsonville Pest Control Service

Hands down the best Pest Control solution in Wilsonville Oregon! That's because we have pioneered a scientifically based system using proven methods that offers guaranteed pest free living for every home and business in Wilsonville Oregon. Try life without ants, spiders, fleas, roaches, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, bed bugs, earwigs, silverfish, cockroaches, beetles, pantry moths, flies, rats, mice, gophers or moles. Call 541-636-0146 for a FREE Inspection Today!

We’re locally owned, offer same day service, and guarantee you will LOVE the results! If you want GREAT Wilsonville Oregon Pest Control service from a local Technician that knows our town, then trust Bug Zapper Pest Control to protect your family, home and business from unwanted pests.

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Best Pest Control Wilsonville Oregon

Bug Zapper Pest Control

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Why You Want Local Pest Control Service In Wilsonville Oregon

We believe local matters. When it comes to Pest Control Service being local means we can provide the very BEST for every home, business and family. Here are just a few reasons we think local matters:

We Know Clackamas County

Being local means that unlike the big National pest control companies, our Wilsonville Oregon technicians live nearby and know the area. We have a keen eye on which pests are currently attacking which neighborhoods and know how you can best protect your home or business.

We are watching for attacks from ants, spiders, rats, yellow jackets or whatever other nasty pests the season brings. If all your neighbors are having rodent troubles, then wouldn't you want a Technician that knows the area and can warn you before rats or mice announce their presence by chewing through water lines or electrical wires?

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We Live Nearby

When pests attack, you don't want to wait 10 days until some big company can send someone from Portland to take a look, only to wait several more days for the problem to get resolved. We offer same day service because we know that when bed bugs attack, you want relief TODAY!

Being local allows us to respond quickly to pest issues--actually isn't every pest issue a BIG deal?

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Every Client Is A Long Term Friendship

When you see us at the grocery store or somewhere else around town, expect us to know your name and hold our heads high knowing we provide great service for you, your neighbors and lots of other members of our community. Don't be surprised either when you become friends

with our knowledgeable customer service lady on the phone and soon she knows exactly when and how you prefer service appointments. Local friendships mean we know you, your family, your pets and we provide exactly what you want--when you need it!

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What Wilsonville Customers are Saying


Zack is great! Very courteous, professional & friendly. Always notifies me when he is here then sprays the outside property & around the house. I don't have issues with the nasty water bugs I used to. This is a fabulous company and I recommend them highly.

 Allan Walker

A family run business that takes customer service to heart. We were battling spiders and ants, well, no more! Gone, gone, gone! Prices are good, the work is excellent.

 Brenda L.

I was impressed by Bug Zapper Pest Control from the first phone call. They are professional, friendly and efficient. I totally trust this business and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The prices are very reasonable, which is another reason I like them so much!

Our Guarantee

We cheerfully guarantee 100% every pest control extermination service we provide. Actually we feel so strongly about this, that we conduct extensive tests on actual bugs. Until we can consistently reproduce 100% effective results, we don't offer the service. Over time, our research and testing has led to the development of unique and proven treatment methods. While our list of services continues to expand, we now offer many types of pest control services for Wilsonville Oregon pests that we confidently GUARANTEE effective every time. If we can't guarantee it 100%, then we don't offer it!

Guaranteed Pest Control Services Offered In Wilsonville OR:

Top 9 Reasons to Get Professional Pest Control Service

Consistency - Have you ever made big plans to wash your windows every month and then life happens? Bugs and rodents are relentless and a small window of inconsistency is all they need to slip in and attach your home. We provide clockwork consistency. Knowledge - Do you really want to know all about rats, spiders and other bugs?

Knowledge - Do you really want to know all about rats, spiders and other bugs? Our Technicians are trained career professionals that know their stuff about pests--so you don't have to!

Pro Grade Products- Do you really think they sell the best products at the hardware store? Don't kid yourself! Bug Zapper Technicians are authorized to obtain and use the BEST Pro Grade pest killing products because we're Oregon State Licensed Pesticide Applicators.

More Free Time - Ok, so you only have so much free time in the day and do you really want to spend it under your house dodging black widow spiders while looking for rats in the dark? Instead go golfing, fishing, shopping or do whatever you love doing while we quickly and efficiently take care of the pests around your home.

Safety - When was the last time you actually read one of those 20 page labels with microscopic print on a can of bug killer? We know label laws inside and out so we can kill pests while protecting your family and pets from unsafe exposure to pesticides.

Guarantee - How many times have you tried killing ants in your kitchen and two days later there are still more ants than cookies in cookie jar! Not when we treat your home. Our treatments work and we guarantee it 100%--or we come back for free.

Avoid Dangers - So we just have to say, climbing a ladder two stories up to spray a wasp nest is a bad idea. We have specialized equipment to safely eliminate pests. Is it really worth risking your neck?

Save $ - Did you know that homeowner's insurance doesn't usually cover damage caused by Carpenter Ants or Termites? Being on our low cost bi-monthly pest prevention plan is far less expensive that correcting damage from wood destroying insects or hospital bills incurred due to a nasty spider bite.

Make Her Happy! - The big one. Providing a bug free home is one of the best paths to anxiety free living for spouses and love ones. Let our team eliminate pests, threats and fears of the ones you love most.

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3 Resons your Need Regular Pest
Control Service In Wilsonville Oregon

The Willamette River - Bugs need food and water to thrive and the beautiful Willamette river offers the perfect combination of food and water to support a thriving bug population. Bugs were here before we were so leave your home unprotected from insect pests and it won't be long before mi casa es su casa!

Maintenance Costs Less - Did you know that maintaining a protective pest barrier around your home all year is actually less expensive than doing two big pest cleanout treatments? Our bi-monthly plan offers 100% GUARANTEED pest protection by fortifying your home with a protective barrier that eliminates and prevents bugs.

Eliminate Worries- Life's to short to waste time fighting ants in your kitchen, running to the hardware store for wasp spray cans or worrying about spiders hiding in your yard just waiting to send you or your children to the hospital with a nasty bite. Getting regular pest control service eliminates all these worries from life instantly.

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Commercial Services

We also offer Commercial Pest Services in Clackamas County–Specializing in Hotels, Retirement Centers, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Retail Shopping Centers, Storage Facilities and Apartment Buildings.

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