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#1 Tualatin Pest Control

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Tualatin Pest Control

#1 Tualatin Pest Control Service

Our scientifically based system was originally invented to eliminate the tough pests found here in Washington County. Proven methods make guaranteed pest free living available to every home and business in Tualatin. Experience life without ants, spiders, fleas, roaches, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, bed bugs, earwigs, silverfish, cockroaches, beetles, pantry moths, flies, rats, mice, gophers or moles. Call 541-636-0146 to schedule a FREE Inspection Today!

Best Tualatin Pest Control Service!

We’re locally owned, live right here in Tualatin, offer same day service, and guarantee you will LOVE our work! Trust Bug Zapper Pest Control to protect your family, home and business from unwanted pests.

What Tualatin Customers Say


We have lived in this house for 12 years and for the first time, we have no ants! Were it not for the work of your technician, ants would still be making themselves comfortable both inside and outside our home. In addition, your technician is always pleasant, courteous, efficient and a pleasure to see coming down the driveway.

Shani B. Operations Manager Umpqua Business Center

Bug Zapper is always quick on responses to service requests. NO job is ever too small for these guys. They went above and beyond for our business. We no longer have nasty cobwebs all over and the ants have disappeared. I highly recommend their services.

Jim Hatcher

Bug Zapper services our home at Umpqua and our cabin at Scottsburg. We are no longer bothered with insects or mice. Jacob and his crew are clean cut, personable, professional and knowleagable. They score 100% in our book.

Top 5 Worst Pests In Washington County - And How To Get Rid Of Them

Who wouldn't love to live where you can smell the forest right from your front porch, easily run to the beach for a weekend getaway or enjoy a drive along the stunning Tualatin River. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of pests that like living near our trees, rivers and open spaces too. If you live here you probably already know this but for the newcomers, here's a list of our worst pests that you better watch out to avoid.


- We don't know where they all came from, but Tualatin has a crazy amount of rats. If you are one of the few lucky ones left that are not battling rats around your place, we suggest preparing now. It won't be long before they find you too. All these rats helped us become Oregon's Top Rodent Prevention experts, so find out how we prevent rats with our guaranteed prevention options.


- You don't have to look very far past your shed or woodpile to find a black widow spider around here. The good news is we know exactly how to get rid of spiders. Watch us kill Black Widows here.


- It seems like half the homes in Tualatin were built on a giant anthill. If you are tired of sharing your kitchen with ants, then we have good news for you! Nobody in Washington County should have to live with ants inside their home. Doesn't matter if they are carpenter ants, sugar ants, piss ants or whatever other kind of ants--they belong outside. With lots of practice, we know how to get rid of ants for fast ant control.

German Cockroaches

- These are the nasty kind that love to get inside homes and restaurants--even clean ones. When it comes to cockroach control we take a different approach. We outfight them by returning until every last roach is dead and gone--100% guaranteed cleanout. When other pest control companies can't get rid of German Roaches, we're the experts that get called in.


- We have been in some crazy flea infested locations. Actually we have nearly been eaten alive just getting out of our truck a few times! If you get fleas in Washington County, then don't waste time with flea bombs. We've got the industrial strength solution for Tualatin fleas. Guaranteed fast, amazing flea control.


So, even though these are the top 5 worst pests in Tualatin, any pest is the worst when it's at your house. Call us for the BEST Pest Control Service anywhere near Tualatin, Oregon.

Bug Zapper Pest Control - Tualatin

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Is Pest Control Service Safe For Pets?

Yes it is. Everyone loves their pets, so we work extra hard to make sure our treatment is as people and pet friendly as possible. We just ask for your help with a few small details that will help protect your pet.

Remove Food

- We sure wouldn't want to treat anywhere near pet foods, so please help us prepare your home by removing or covering pet food and water dishes before we get started.

Protect Fish

- If you have an outdoor fish pond or indoor aquarium, please turn off aerators and pumps. Alos, please cover tanks with a sheet and ponds with a big plastic tarp before we arrive.

Stay Out

- For maximum safety, treated areas need to dry before being contacted by little paws. We suggest confining pets to a small untreated area or room during the treatment process until all treated areas have dried completely. Usually this only takes 30-60 minutes.

Before getting started with any treatment, our trained technician will answer any questions you might have and double check your home to verify that these simple pet protection steps have been completed. Our job is to protect your furry friends!

Our Guarantee

We cheerfully guarantee 100% every pest control extermination service we provide. Actually we feel so strongly about this, that we conduct extensive tests on actual bugs. Until we can consistently reproduce 100% effective results, we don't offer the service. Over time, our research and testing has led to the development of unique and proven treatment methods. While our list of services continues to expand, we now offer many types of pest control services for Tualatin Oregon pests that we confidently GUARANTEE effective every time. If we can't guarantee it 100%, then we don't offer it!

Guaranteed Pest Control Services Offered In Tualatin Oregon:


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Looking for Commercial Solutions?

We also offer Commercial Pest Services in Tualatin–Specializing in Hotels, Retirement Centers, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Retail Shopping Centers, Storage Facilities and Apartment Buildings.

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