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Newberg Pet Friendly Pest Control

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Best Pest Control Service In Newberg Oregon - Here's Why

We take providing the BEST pest control service in Newberg very seriously. Here area a few examples of why we are top rated in customer reviews:


- Expect our technicians to wear protective booties over their shoes whenever they enter your home. We insist on protecting your home's rugs and floor coverings.


- We hope to get to know you, your family and your pets--by name. Friends know the names of their friends!

Free Extras

- Don't be surprised if your technician has a plastic toy bug for your kids, brings your trash can in from the street or helps carry in the groceries. We might be busy, but we make time for the most important stuff.


- As part of our dedication to detail, whenever possible we'll avoid parking in your parking space--even if this means we have to walk a ways to your home.

Free Spider Web Removal

- We take pride in leaving your home not just bug free but completely spider web free too. This means we provide FREE web removal up to 25 feet high with every bi-monthly service treatment.


- Upon arrival, the technician's phone routing system will provide extensive service history, product usage and notes allowing him to provide exactly the service your home needs for the very best pest protection.


- Your time is valuable too and why should you have to wait. We work hard to offer same day service and arrive on time for every appointment. We offer narrow windows for set appointments and in the unlikely event we will be delayed, you can expect a call with an estimated arrival time.

Convenient Hours

- Who has time to call between 9 and 5? For extra convenience we are open 7am to 8pm Monday through Saturday year round! Give us a call 541-636-0146 or Text Us Now or try our web site's live chat feature in the blue box.

Top Grade Products

- When it comes to the products we use we believe our cost is insignificant. We buy the absolute best products no matter what they cost us. Using the BEST products mean outstanding pest control results with every treatment.


- Since we use only the very best products and our technicians are experts, every service offered is 100% guaranteed for 45 to 90 days. Count on great results with every treatment!

Best Pest Control Newberg Oregon

Hands down we offer the best Newberg Pest Control solution! That's because we have pioneered a scientifically based system using proven methods that provide guaranteed pest free living for every home and business in Newberg. Try life without ants, spiders, fleas, roaches, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, bed bugs, earwigs, silverfish, cockroaches, beetles, pantry moths, flies, rats, mice, gophers or moles. Call 541-636-0146 or Text Us Now for a FREE Inspection Today!

We’re locally owned, offer same day service, and guarantee you will LOVE our service! Trust Bug Zapper Pest Control to protect your family, home and business from unwanted pests.

Why Local Pest Control Service Is The Best

While some national chains like Subway and the Olive Garden are great, when it comes to Pest Control Service go local. Here's why:

Get Help Fast

- Who wants to wait a week for service when a bee is about to sting you and you just might be allergic? Forget that and call us at 541-636-0146 or Text Us Now for same day service by local technicians.

Small Town Pride

- No need to hide when we run into you at the grocery stoer. We provide top quality work and are proud to be a part of the Newberg Community.

We Know The Neighborhood

- Whether you live in Dundee, Chehalem or downtown Newberg, we know the local terrain. If all your neighbors are having rat troubles, you can be sure we will let you know so you can be protected. That's the kind of insider information you need!

Personal Service

- Give us a call and you won't get a call center or someone on the other side of the world that you can barely understand. Instead expect to talk to a real pest expert that's Oregonian to the core. Since we will likely be calling you just to check in before each service, we will know you name, have all your service details and be ready to provide personal help whenever you call.

Passion For Pest Control

- We love what we do and it shows. Our technicians are career professionals that work together to offer something unique and remarkable. Just ask a few tough questions and don't be surprised if your technician really knows his stuff.


What Newberg Customers Say About Us

Brenda L.

I was impressed by Bug Zapper Pest Control from the first phone call. They are professional, friendly and efficient. I totally trust this business and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The prices are very reasonable, which is another reason I like them so much!

Brianna Price

This is the most AFFORDABLE, EFFECTIVE, and FRIENDLIEST pest control I have ever used. After moving into my new home, there was bugs everywhere and ever since they sprayed my house its been bug free! Definitely WORTH IT!

Morgan B.

Our Bug Zapper technician was very nice and called to let me know his estimated arrival time. He was very thorough, explained what he was doing before and after and made sure we were satisfied before he left. We will be regular customers from now on.

Our Guarantee

We cheerfully guarantee 100% every pest control extermination service we provide. Actually we feel so strongly about this, that we conduct extensive tests on actual bugs. Until we can consistently reproduce 100% effective results, we don't offer the service. Over time, our research and testing has led to the development of unique and proven treatment methods. While our list of services continues to expand, we now offer many types of pest control services for Newberg Oregon pests that we confidently GUARANTEE effective every time. If we can't guarantee it 100%, then we don't offer it!

Guaranteed Pest Control Services Offered In Newberg OR:

Best Pest Control Newberg Oregon

Bug Zapper Pest Control

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Top 5 Most Common Pests In Newberg Oregon


While we are prepared for and may encounter hundreds of different types of insects and rodent pests in Yamhill County, here are the top five most common pest varieties you need to watch out for in Newberg Oregon.


- Common ants include multiple varieties of odorous house ants to carpenter ants but one thing is for sure. Ants in Newberg are a BIG deal. One time treatment is a great start but protecting you home from ants with our 100% GUARANTEED bi-monthly protection plan is a good idea if you live in Newberg.


- We're not exactly sure why, but spiders seem to be especially thick in our community. Black widows and other spiders common in Newberg make the worst kind of houseguests. We kill the spiders and even remove spider webs for FREE as part of our cleanout and spider prevention treatments.


- Mice are the most common rodent that cause damage to homes in Newberg. Whether they are chewing water lines, spreading filth and disease or scratching on walls at night to keep you awake, these little devils are unwelcome and unwanted. Find out more about mouse control and our guaranteed rodent proofing mouse prevention system.


- Paper Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets are a BIG concern in Newberg. Even if you are not deathly allergic, getting stung by these guys is never fun. New research recently conducted has revolutionized wasp treatments and now makes wasp control more effective than ever.

Stink Bugs

- With all the nearby agriculture, stink bugs seem to be taking over Yamhill County. While stink bugs might pose a greater threat to plants than people, who wants these nasty looking bugs inside their home? Fortunately for Newberg residents our stink bug control methods are fast and effective.

Pet Friendly Newberg Pest Control

Absolutely! We use pet friendly products designed to be extremely effective on bugs while protecting the health and safety of pets. Our products have even been approved for use by the pros at Wildlife Safari in Winston Oregon around their exotic and expensive animals.



Commercial Services

We also offer Commercial Pest Services in Yamhill County–Specializing in Hotels, Retirement Centers, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Retail Shopping Centers, Storage Facilities and Apartment Buildings.

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