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Spiders - Brown Recluse, Hobo & Black Widows

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Spider Control

Big nasty, hairy spiders strike fear in the hearts of people all over Oregon. We thought you might want to protect yourself with a little information about Oregon’s most dangerous varieties.

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse

A quick Google Image search of Brown Recluse reveals images for mature audiences only and is enough to cause nearly anyone emotional trauma for life. We suggest against it if you ever want to sleep again. Brown Recluse are reported to inject flesh eating venom into their victims. No wonder this is perhaps the most feared spider in America.

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture identification team, Brown Recluse are actually NOT found in Oregon. While many varieties look similar, a microscope is generally required to accurately identify a Brown Recluse.


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hobo spider

Hobo Spiders

Hobos (like the female pictured at right) get quite large and often live indoors. They come out at night to look for prey and are usually found on the floor or trapped inside a bathtub. They don’t make obvious webs but can climb up walls and across ceilings.

This common Oregon species may easily be confused with the Giant House Spider without the aid of high powered magnification.

Hobos are not actually more aggressive than any other types and much controversy exists regarding how dangerous they actually are to humans. In Europe they are considered harmless but in America without many actual confirmed cases of bites these may not be as dangerous as presumed.

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black widow spider

Black Widows

We frequently see Black Widows all along the I-5 Corridor of Oregon. They are commonly found in wood piles, around the foundation of homes, under eaves and among stored items. They build loose, wispy webs that appear as multiple unconnected strands of webbing.

These are actually the most dangerous Oregon variety and when found on your property they should make you nervous. Females are easily identified by the distinct red hourglass shape on their undersides. Black Widow venom causes damage to the nervous system, leading to symptoms such as abdominal cramps, nausea, perspiration, tremors, labored breathing and restlessness–symptoms that may last several days. Anti-venom is available through doctors so medical help should be sought immediately if a bite is received.

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