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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services


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Residential Pest Control Services

We offer pest control solutions tailored to your needs. From one time eradication to year round service, Bug Zapper Pest Control provides unparalleled customer service.
We don't think great service needs to be expensive. Check our standard pricing and learn about more ways to save.

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Bug Zapper Pest Control

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Providing premium pest control services for Oregon homes.

Home Pest Proofing

You know that old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Well, it applies to pest control too.

There's a lot that can be done to keep bugs & rodents out of your home before they ever become a problem. Our building technicians will fortify your home against invasion.

As an added benefit, pest proofing also makes homes more energy efficient, saving you even more money.

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One-Time Pest Extermination

One-Time Pest Service is perfect for that problem that has just gotten out of hand. You've tried sprays, bug bombs and traps, but it just hasn't worked. Well, just call in our trained specialists and the problem is as good as over.

Our expert technicians will perform a detailed home inspection to determine the invading species, entry points and infestation severity, then plan the best counterattack.

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Bi-Monthly Plan

With our bi-monthly plan, your house will become a pest free zone. This is premier service at economy pricing.

Every other month we will conduct detailed pest evaluations and work with you to conduct the most effective treatments possible.

The Bi-Monthly Plan is 100% GUARANTEED to rid your home of bugs at an unexpected low cost!

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Save up to

per year

Best Home Protection Starting At Only

Only $99/month

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Platinum Level

Residential only

Platinum Level Protection

All Silver Level and Gold Level pests plus...

Rats Reg. up to $1350

Mice Reg. up to $495

Gophers Reg. up to $750

Moles Reg. up to $1,000

BedBugs Reg. up to $1,200

Fleas (Exterior) Reg. up to $550

German Roaches Reg. up to $950

Ground Squirrels Reg. up to $550

Ticks (Exterior) Reg. up to $250

+10 Free Rodent Monitoring Stations
+Premium Level Customer Service
+Complimentary Spider Web Removal

Up to 3000 sq ft
Includes up to 1 acre
Only $99/month
Over 3000 sq ft
Only $124/month
Monthly Protection Plan Biling
Large Yards Add $30+ Per Month

Annual Rodent Proofing Renewal Inspection Included (if applicable) $250 value

Starting at Only $59/month

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Gold Level

Residential only

Gold Level Pest Protection Plan 

All Silver Level Pests Plus...


Carpenter Bees

Fleas (Interior)


Ticks (Interior)

Yellow Jeckets

+5 Free Rodent Monitoring Stations
+Premium Level Customer Service
+Free Spider Web Removal
+Free Fly Control Devices

Up to 3000 sq ft
Includes up to 1 acre
Only $59/month
Over 3000 sq ft
Only $74/month
Monthly Protection Plan Billing

Starting at Only $38/month

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Silver Level

Residential only

American Cockroach


Boxelder Beetles

Brown Banded Cockroaches

Carpenter Ants

Carpet Beetles






Oriental Cockroaches

Pantry Moths

Paper Wasps


Sow Bugs



+2 Free Rodent Monitoring Stations
+Free Spider Web Removal
+ Premium Level Customer Service

Up to 3000 sq ft
Only $38/month
Over 3000 sq ft
Only $49/month

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