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Bed Bugs

What is This? Bed Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Fleas

Many individuals who believe they have a bed bug infestation may actually be seeing the results of a carpet beetle infestation, fleas, or strangely enough even an allergic reaction.  Click here to learn more about carpet beetles or fleas and the ways their presence can be very similar to bed bugs.  The more details you know about your dilemma, the faster we can help you solve it. With that said, on to some handy information about bed bugs.


Bed Bugs Beware

What Are They?

Small, reddish/brown, parasitic insects about the size of a tick.

They feed on human blood. Their saliva acts like an anesthetic, making their bites painless.

They haven’t been found to transmit diseases to humans. But, blood loss from an average sized infestation has been found to strBud bugs.jpgess the body.

BITES can get infected from scratching.

Exposure to the bites can cause sensitivity to their saliva and lead to an allergic reaction.

Evidence of Infestation

Waking up with red, itchy bites may be a sign of an infestation.

Bite patterns often include 3 bites in a row.

Dark spots on walls, mattress, and places where they hide and blood spots on the sheets or mattress can be a sign of infestation.

If you find live bugs, then please carefully collect them in a sealed container for our professional to identify.

How Do They Spread?

These are proficient travelers and can be brought into a home on infested furniture, inside handbags or by a visitor.

They can travel in luggage or personal belongings after staying in infested lodging or even when using public transportation.

In apartments, townhouses, hotels, and other connected homes they can spread from one infested home into other rooms through wiring or plumbing chases and even through shared walls.

They have even been found spreading through Library Books!

Watch Out! These guys are quick and can travel up to four feet per minute!


They are usually nocturnal and prefer feeding when the person is sleeping, but can also adjust their habits to match the habits of the sleeping hosts. (If the person works at night, then they change to become day feeders.)

If the person sleeps in another room, then they will likely FOLLOW to the new room.

During the daytime, the bedbugs hide in cracks and crevices close to the host. (Examples might include: mattress seams, box springs, headboard, baseboards, furniture, night stands, etc.)

It takes them approximately 5 to 10 minutes per blood meal.

They can LIVE for several MONTHS WITHOUT a blood meal.

Feeding is initiated when attracted to the carbon dioxide we breath out at night!

They can even see in the dark!

A female can lay up to 500 eggs during her lifetime, so the problem will not go away on its own. Professional treatment is required to eliminate bed bugs.


Don't wait to take care of an infestation. Populations quickly expand leading to more infested rooms and higher costs for treatment.

Best Bed Bug Control

Bug Zapper Pest Control

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Bed Bug Treatment Overview

The following four steps are essential for 100% removal of bed bugs.

Step #1 Inspection to identify infested rooms

Accurate identification by our trained technician is essential prior to scheduling treatment. This identification process is provided as a free service inspection. We suggest catching and saving any bugs you find in a jar prior to our inspection. This will help our technician quickly and accurately confirm the bug's identify.

Prior to our inspection, please do not move furniture, start the treatment preparation process or attempt any do-it-yourself treatments. This can make finding and identifying the problem more difficult and over-the-counter products often make the bugs scatter. This can actually make the problem worse!.

As part of the inspection, our specialist will need access to perform a detailed, inspection of all possibly infested rooms. If a room is determined to be infested, then all rooms with immediately adjoining walls must also be inspected. This will include the rooms above, below and on the sides of every infested room. There is no additional charge for the inspection process.

Step #2 Customer pre-treatment preparations

If bed bugs are found and positive identification occurs during the inspection process, then please call our office to schedule treatment. The following steps must each be completed by the customer prior to the first treatment.

_____ Discard all trash, paper, plastic bags, newspapers, magazines and other disposable items. These should be sealed in plastic bags and placed directly inside trash receptacles to prevent contamination of additional rooms.

_____ Strip the bed(s) placing all sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads, blankets, bed skirts and bath towels in sealed plastic bags for transport directly to the laundry room. Launder all items with hot water. Dry these items on the hottest dryer cycle available for 90 minutes. Bags used to transport laundry prior to the washing and drying cycles should never be reused and should be discarded outside of the property after transportation.

_____ Vacuum all infested rooms, including the floor, mattresses, bedsprings, couches, chairs, closets (including closet shelves), inside dresser drawers and bedside drawers. Vacuum with a crevice tool all baseboards. Vacuum bags are to be placed in a sealed plastic bag and discarded.

_____ Remove all drapes and hang them inside a closet within the infested room.

100% Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatments

$495 First Room

$195 Each Additional Room

Be on the lookout for this:

bed bugs on mattress.jpg

They love mattress folds.


Here is what bed bug bites look like.


Beware of roadside and garage sale furniture. Infested items are not always so obvious.

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