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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Our Team - Great People!

Meet your technician

Meet Our Team

As you get to know us, we are confident you will soon find that the best part of Bug Zapper Pest Control is our team. Every member has been carefully selected because they represent our core values both at work and in their personal lives.

Together outstanding individual members of our team implement a proven system that guarantees exceptional results and allows us to offer memorably great service. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Jacob L.

Field Technician and Owner

Jacob loves to learn about pests and has a passion for business. He and his wife founded Bug Zapper Pest Control with determination to make pest free living available to everyone in Oregon.

Jacob spends his time off perfecting the art of cooking fine foods. Some of his favorites include smoking meats in his custom built barrel smoker. Much to his wife's dismay he modified her kitchen oven and cooks some mouth watering margarita pizzas on the oven's cleaning cycle. (No fire so far but it sure makes the house warm in the summer!)

Jacob especially enjoys activities with his wife and four kids. Their favorite time of year is Summer when any excuse is a good one to go swimming together.

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Penny O.

Scheduling/Accounts Receivable

When you call us, you will most likely get to meet Penny. She answers questions, schedules appointments and keeps the rest of us organized in an amazing way.

Penny used to manage Kent Creek Rock Quarry and now loves working at Bug Zapper Pest Control because we are just not as "hard" to work with. Ha Ha!

Penny especially enjoys spending time with her grandkids. Together they paint fingernails, ride dirt bikes, go to the coast and play basketball. We are all still trying to figure out how Penny has grandkids when she doesn't seem old enough to even be a Grandma.

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Kevin M.

Field Technician/Production Manager

Kevin graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Biology.

He combines his education with a keen eye for detail to keep your property pest free and looking amazing. Everyone loves Kevin, and you are especially fortunate if he is your assigned technician.

Outdoorsman best describes Kevin. He previously worked in Colorado as a hunting guide where he helped others experience amazing outdoor adventures. If you missed attending Kevin's wedding in 2014 you missed a chance to taste local bear ribs! When not working, you'll find Kevin with his new bride fishing, bow hunting or lost inside Cabela's.

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Travis Price.jpg

Travis P.


I might be riding dirt bikes, hunting rats under a home, snow boarding,

upside down looking for roaches in a restaurant, riding motorcycles, skateboarding or playing sports but one thing is for sure--life's an adventure and I'm all in!

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Robin M.

Field Technician

Robin is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, but has lived in Oregon for most of his life. A Coos Bay coastal transplant, he currently lives in Eugene with his family.

He enjoys building projects with his kids (that go kart will be completely built any day now, he keeps telling them), writing, cooking, and getting to know the various areas of Oregon. If you call us in Eugene, there's a good chance you'll get to meet him.

Passionate about pest control, Robin also enjoys podcasting about movies, editing, graphic art, and (don't tell anyone) medieval era literature.

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Wyatt G.


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