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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services


Mission & Values

Backbone to GREAT service.

Our Mission - What We're All About

Our unique pest control system provides the very highest level of pest protection available for people and homes. We use premium quality products, responsibly applied with unprecedented attention to detail. We cheerfully guarantee 100 percent every service we provide. Each customer we serve is our most important and they know it.

Core Values


Discover our core values and you'll discover who we are. That's because at Bug Zapper Pest Control, core values aren't just an idea--they define every member of our team. In fact, our core values were a way of life for each of us long before we ever started working together to rid the world of bugs!

We strive to run every aspect of our business based on 9 values:

  1. Attention to Detail
    We aren't content to just rid your home or business of pests. We insist on removing cobwebs around your home--front and back. Why shouldn't the back of your garage and storage shed look just as impeccable as the front of your home?

  2. Trustworthy
    You'll feel 100 percent confident leaving any professional member of our team inside your home--even if you are away.

  3. Build Family-Like Relationships
    Success and happiness is often enhanced by unplanned meaningful relationships. Building meaningful relationships positions us to accomplish, experience and contribute much more than we ever could alone. Customers, coworkers and vendors are treated like family. We'll get to know you and your family--including your pets. Expect preferred service.

  4. Always Grateful
    The miracle of life, the splendorous beauty of Oregon and the most wonderful customers are just a few of our favorite parts of life. With so much to be grateful for shouldn't we be "always grateful?"

  5. Love Learning
    Ralph Waldo Emerson said — "The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." We agree wholeheartedly!

    With so many exciting new things to learn about in life, we LOVE learning. Just a few of our favorite areas of interest include:
    • cutting edge research allowing us to better understand the pests we battle
    • amazing innovations in pest control products that expand our arsenal
    • new technology innovations that enhance our ability to serve customers in exceptional ways!

  6. Vision Driven Creativity
    We share a vision for a better future and champion creativity. When every member of our team helps create and develop better methods to serve customers, our vision for OUTSTANDING will be reached!

  7. Memorably Great Service
    Ever get frustrated because you can't find a clerk who knows anything about the products they sell? Or maybe you called another company's customer service department only to be transferred to India and end up talking to someone you can't even understand. Not with US!!!

    Whether you are working with one of our organized office staff members or a professionally-trained field technician we want everyone who interacts with us to say WOW, I love those guys! When you work with any member of our team we'll be working hard to make your experience memorably GREAT--the kind of positive interaction you tell all your friends about.

  8. Have Fun With An Infectiously Positive Attitude
    We believe that great things come to people who look for great things. Life's too short to not enjoy every moment--and that is easy because we love what we do and have a ton of fun along the way. Don't be surprised if we have a joke to tell and you end up smiling with us!

  9. Obsession for Quality
    Call it weird but we really have an obsession for quality. Whether you're talking about the products we use to kill bugs, our favorite restaurants to eat at or the hunting rifle in our closet, members of our team stick with top quality. Oh, and you might have already guessed--we only offer premium quality service.

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