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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Yellow Jackets

Danger below the ground.

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Yellow Jacket Exterminator Tips

Watch out. These guys are sneaky! Yellow Jackets build underground nests--often in a hole created by a rotting stump. They're one of the most common wasps on Earth, and in most of the world are simply known as the "common wasp." They look very similar to local paper wasps, and can be seen quietly buzzing in and out of holes in your structure, in the ground, or even in the trunks of trees. The pain comes when you don't know a yellow jacket nest is present and simply go outside minding your own business, mowing your lawn or trimming a hedge. Then OUCH!, you've been stung a few times and have to jump into your pool with your clothes on or go running inside the house for safety. Worse is when this happens and there are other people present, like kids. Yellow Jackets sting first and don't ask questions at all.

Yellow Jacket Extermination - The Best Option

Don't try eliminating a yellow jacket nest on your own or you are almost sure to get stung. Our yellow jacket exterminators wear full body protection suit when exterminating yellow jacket nests. They dig down right into the nest and treat where the yellow jackets are hiding out. Our treatment process completely eliminates the Yellow Jacket nest and within only a few hours you can return to gardening unafraid. Why take chances when our Yellow Jacket treatments are 100% Effective and 100% GUARANTEED!

Option #1

One Time First Story Hornet, Wasps, Yellow Jacket & Bee Removal w/ 45 Day Guarantee - Only $129

Option #2

Initial Removal & One Year Guaranteed Hornet, Wasps, Yellow Jacket, Bee & Bug Elimination& Prevention Service

Under 3,000 sq. ft. Home Save $50 Only $554/yr

Over 3,000 sq. ft. Home Save $50 Only $719/yr

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