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Wasp Control

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Wasp Exterminator Tips

There are many types of wasp in the Pacific Northwest, from Yellow Jackets to Mud Daubers, and they all sting. Some are more aggressive than others, but all can pose a real problem to humans, especially when wasps try to set up colonies in residential homes and yards. We eradicate any wasps you could have, but the most common wasps we encounter are Paper Wasps and Yellow Jackets, which look very similar. Paper wasps start a new colony every year and only the queen lives through the winter. They most often nest under warm south facing eaves, barbecue lids and the edge of metal roofing. They can be unpredictable and might sting even if unprovoked. Yellow Jackets tend to nest in the ground, and can be quite aggressive. Both are likely to sting if encroached upon or bothered in any way, and the stings can be numerous.

Wasps seem to be incessant with rebuilding nests. For this reason our wasp extermination technicians use commercial repellent type products specifically designed for professional exterminators that not only kill wasps but also prevent their return. Wasps die within only a few minutes after our treatment. As part of our wasp treatment, we also remove wasp nests from first and second story locations.

Don't get stung by a wasp or you'll probably be hurting for about a week!

Wasp Extermination Options

Option #1

One Time First Story Hornet, Wasps, Yellow Jacket & Bee Removal w/ 45 Day Guarantee - Only $129

Option #2

Initial Removal & One Year Guaranteed Hornet, Wasps, Yellow Jacket, Bee, Bug Elimination & Prevention Service

Under 3,000 sq. ft. Home Save $50 Only $554/yr

Over 3,000 sq. ft. Home Save $50 Only $719/yr

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