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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Rodent Control

Learn how to get rid of mice and rats.

Rodent Control In Oregon

With a little preparation, you won’t have to worry about how to trap mice, rats and rodents when they get inside your home. The best form of rodent control is preventing them from getting into your home in the first place. Follow these steps to help prevent rodents from entering your home:

Rodent Proofing Eugene Homes

  • Seal all gaps over 1/4 inch. Walk around your home with a pencil and any gaps big enough to fit the pencil inside need to be sealed. Common problem areas include under doors, on the sides of garage doors, at the corners of homes, where AC condenser pipes enter the siding or foundation and where the foundation meets the siding.
  • Check all foundation vents and re screen using 1/4 inch hardware cloth any vents containing large holes.
  • Screen (don’t plug) stink pipes up on your roof. It might be slippery so be careful not to fall off your roof!
  • Trim bushes, ground covers and trees two feet away from the roof and siding. This makes rodents more vulnerable to predators and helps keep them away from entry points to your home.
  • Bring in pet water and food dishes at night time. Rodents love an easy meal and dog food just happens to be one of their very favorite foods. Pet foods left outside overnight can draw rodents from all over the neighborhood.

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How to get rid of rats & mice

Since every home is different, rodent proofing (in conjunction with rodent removal) may require some creativity to permanently seal every gap. Our professional rodent proofing team has learned never to rely on expanding foam to prevent rodent entry. Rodents can chew through that stuff faster than you can blink, so choose a more durable solution for large gaps.

Our Professional Rodent Proofing System

If spending the day stuffed under your home or trying not to fall off your roof sounds like a terrible way to spend a few weekends, then we offer an alternative. Our team has been sealing up homes for years and knows what really works. Experience has also taught us what signs to watch out for and where to find tough gaps that might otherwise get missed.

We Offer A FREE Rodent Proofing Inspection

Find out the easy way what you are up against. Call us to schedule a FREE rodent proofing inspection. Our Rodent Proofing Certified Expert will visit your home and conduct a FREE inspection to identify rodent entry points. You will be able to ask questions and follow the inspector to learn more. We’ll provide several options with associated costs for rodent removal and permanent rodent exclusion from your home. We confidently guaranteed our rodent control services as 100% effective.

This is not a high pressure deal. We’re a locally owned company and we’ll just provide you suggestions and several options and you can do whatever best fits your time, skills and budget.

Learn more about how our permanent rodent proofing service works.

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