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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Pest Proofing

A Long Lasting Eco Friendly Solution

Did you know that many rodent and pest problems could be completely avoided without the use of sprays or chemicals? Let us show you how!

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Pest Proofing - Proven Rodent Prevention!

All over Oregon we find rodents attacking homes with a voracious appetite for destroying and contaminating heating systems, electrical wires, water lines, insulation and the peace and health of occupants. Years ago Bug Zapper Pest Control set out to pioneer a rodent prevention system so exceptional that we could confidently guarantee it 100% for years to come.

We quickly discovered that attempting to prevent rodent intrusion presents the following tough challenges:

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  • Sense of Smell - Rats and mice have an extremely well developed sense of smell. Directed by this ability, they leave scent markers and repeatedly travel where other rodents have previously marked the way. When one series of rodents is captured, other rodents in the area detect the scent markers remaining and are attracted to previously used entry points into your home. This leads to repeated reinfestation and ongoing risks and frustrations for homeowners.
  • Agility - The acrobatic teats rodents are capable of performing rival anything you will ever see in the circus. Rats and mice can climb straight up walls, travel on electric high wires to access roofs, swim up toilet lines, dig tunnels under foundations and easily squeeze through tiny holes. These abilities mean that rodent prevention requires attention to every detail from the top of the roof to the bottom of the foundation.
  • Chewing - If rodents can't find a way in, they chew their way in. We frequently encounter instances where rodents have chewed through expanding foam, wood crawl space doors, sheetrock, floors and even concrete foundations. Unless TOUGH material are used, rodent prevention efforts will likely be unsuccessful.
  • Disease - Rodent feces and contamination spreads filth, harmful bacteria and disease pathogens. Especially when combined with moisture present in crawl spaces and other enclosed spaces, rodent droppings pose a significant respiratory health risk. All rodent proofing efforts completed in confined areas require respiratory protection to avoid harmful exposure and possible contraction of serious diseases.
  • Advanced Skills Required - Mice can gain access to any gap over 1/4". Therefore, effective rodent prevention requires securing all gaps over 1/4" from roof to foundation. Since every home is different, a boilerplate method of prevention is impossible.

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Finding a solution to overcome these and other rodent proofing challenges has required years of work. First, we studied past scientific research related to rodent prevention methods. Next, we conducted years of field experimentation using a variety of materials and methods to see what actually worked to kept rodents out. This field testing led to the discovery of methods by which all the rodent prevention challenges listed above can be consistently overcome. Systematizing our rodent prevention process now allows us to create a customized and certified effective long-lasting barrier that is GUARANTEED to prevent rodents.

Here's how we do it:

First we conduct a FREE detailed interior/exterior Pest Proofing & Exclusion Building Evaluation. As part of this inspection our Top Level, Rodent Proofing Certified Technicians will carefully inspect your home inside and out. Potential rodent entry points are noted as your home is carefully evaluated top to bottom. This detailed process helps us to identify venerable access points where pests like mice and rats might get inside your home. Next, we create a customized site specific plan to secure target structures from pest attacks. (Often pest proofing also makes buildings more energy efficient resulting in lower heating and cooling bills.) Finally, our expert team of construction technicians perform building alterations to completely exclude rodents from gaining entry. We are Oregon's Leading Rodent Proofing Experts. We're licensed, bonded and insured specialty contractors (Oregon CCB #153907) with an exceptional longstanding record.

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Long Term Rodent Prevention

After the initial rodent prevention system is implemented, we follow up annually with a detailed home inspection to certify the complete integrity of the rodent prevention system originally installed. As part of this inspection, minor defects created throughout the previous year (such as a cable guy punching a hole in a foundation vent screen) are remedied at no extra charge. Inspecting annually, allows us to confidently guarantee rodent protection and your peace of mind for years to come.

Fabulous. Not the cheapest but very likely the best. Called first when we had a swarm of carpenter ants outside the house, now we are on bimonthly service and couldn't be happier. Get their Rodent Proofing done, best money you will spend.

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Rodent Proofing Tips From Our Pros:

  • Seal all cracks and gaps over 1/4" in width on the exterior of your home/building
  • Keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed away from the roof and siding
  • Repair/replace damaged window screens and door sweeps
  • Install or repair foundation and gable vent screens
  • Avoid expanding foam, steal wool and other products that won't hold up to rodents that want inside your home
  • Install "bug light bulbs"
  • Avoid leaving bird seed or pet food outside overnight

Don't leave the drawbridge to your castle down just waiting for pests and rodents to storm inside. Let our experts come to the rescue! We fortify buildings with Oregon's Best Pest Proofing System.

Find Out How To Protect Your Home With A Free Rodent Proofing Inspection Today.

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