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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Bee Removal

Protect Honey Bees

Honey bee removal

We LOVE honey bees and try to keep them safe from pesticide exposure.

Honey Bee Removal

Great care is taken during our treatment processes to avoid pesticide application on flowers or plants that might serve as foraging locations. We can treat bumblebees, carpenter bees, and others, but the majority of bee troubles tend to come from honey bees, so we'll focus on those for the purpose of this information.

Each spring honey bees throughout Oregon move or divide colonies. This is done through the swarming process. A queen bee travels away from the nest and is followed by a large number of worker bees. Together they seek a new location suitable for nesting. Along the way they may stop several times. At each stop hundreds of worker bees form a ball (often the size of a basketball) around the queen. The entire colony is harmless during the swarming process and people have been known to put their bare hand into the bee ball without harm.

What To Do If Honey Bees Arrive At Your Home

If you discover a large honey bee ball in the springtime we encourage you to leave the bees alone. If left undisturbed, the chances are high the entire colony will move on within a couple days. Bees can be collected and relocated by a professional bee keeper during the swarming process or after they decide to stay. Whenever possible, we encourage that honey bee colonies be safeguarded. Several experienced beekeepers are available in our area that can help relocate honey bees safely. Contact us for additional information about honey bee relocation.

If circumstances or colony location do not allow for relocating a honey bee colony then emergency bee removal service.available. This is a two step process to first exterminate the colony and next to seal up the opening to prevent re-infestation by another bee colony.

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