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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Filth Flies

Learn how to eliminate and prevent filth flies.

Fly Control For Oregon Homes

There are many types of flies in Oregon and magnification is often required to determine the exact type of infesting fly. Among the most common flies we encounter in Oregon are house flies, blow flies, lesser house flies and fruit flies.

Blow Fly


Blowflies are large, shiny metallic colored flesh flies. They infest dead flesh and their presence is a sure sign of something dead nearby. Control is seldom needed since within a few days mother nature reclaims the decaying flesh. Simply waiting a few days is the best control method.

Maggots are the result of flies, sanitation is often an effective solution. No treatment is generally needed and maggots usually hatch into flies or die within a few days.


House Flies

House flies are a leader in the filth fly category spreading disease wherever they go. Primary control methods include screens for windows and doors. Our technicians perform a detailed inspection searching for conducive conditions leading to filth fly infestation. Examples might include compost piles, pet feces, garbage systems etc. After addressing any conducive conditions discovered, such as installing window screens and changing recycling patterns, our pest service can significantly help reduce filth flies within homes and commercial structures and even around outdoor dining areas. We use special bait products available for use outside at residential locations to provide a great solution for outdoor weddings and catered events. Additional options available within commercial structures produce amazing fly knockdown control. We lead out in Oregon Pest Protection with our own fly control devices created by our research team. These innovations offer our customers the highest level of house fly protection.

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Lesser House Flies

These very tiny flies circle in a swarm--often for hours. They are usually found in a cool shady location protected from wind. Effective control methods include changing wind patterns by installing a fan and a knockdown treatment completed by our technicians.


Fruit Flies

Warm summer canning months provide an ideal setting for fruit flies to become especially troublesome within homes and restaurants. Most severe infestations occur when fruit is left out on counters or falls behind kitchen fixtures to rot undetected. Wherever possible fruit should be stored inside refrigerators to decrease fruit fly activity. If fruit is removed and fruit flies remain a detailed search of the kitchn should be conducted to discover where fruit flies are breeding within an undetected fruit source. Sanitation currently proves the most effective fruit fly control method.

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