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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Flea Control

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Pet Friendly Flea Control In Oregon

These jumping little devils make me itch just thinking about them! It might seem like every flea in the house is chasing you to suck your blood, but blood sucking is actually the least of your worries. Did you know that fleas spread lots of terrible diseases like cat-scratch fever, typhus, tapeworm and the Plague? It's estimated that historically 200 million people have died of the Plague (Black Death) – more than have died in all the combined wars of history. That's AWFUL and the dangers of flea borne illness are still very real today. Protect yourself with our EASY flea control treatment.

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Flea Control Tip - Determine The Host First

The first step to getting rid of fleas is determining the host (most of the time fleas actually prefer hosts other than humans). A host is essential for adult flea feeding, and the droppings from adult fleas help young fleas grow. Eliminate the host and eventually fleas go away on their own--but it might take up to a year.

Most veterinarians advise that successful flea eradication requires treatment of pets and the environment. We agree. Since the host is often a beloved pet, treating pets with a high quality flea control product from your vet is the first essential step towards effective long term flea control.

If you don't have pets, then other possible hosts might include a neighbors pet in close proximity to your home, rats, mice and other infesting rodents, deer sleeping near your home or even possibly wild cats, opossums, skunks, raccoon or wildlife living under your house. Flea prevention might require wildlife control and home repairs to seal opening.


Flea Control Treatment

Did you know that a Cat Flea can survive in the pupae stage for over six months without feeding? They can also remain frozen in their pupae cocoon for a full year, thaw out and still begin their life as parasites. Don't waste your money on flea bombs. Fleas are survivors! Flea control is one area that do-it-yourself is a bad idea.

Outstanding new commercial product technology allows us to quickly rid homes of fleas with long lasting results. Bug Zapper Pest Control offers a 100% guaranteed flea control treatment system that is FAST and EFFECTIVE EVERY TIME. We're so confident we actually GUARANTEE you're going to be amazed at the results.

Flea Elimination Starts With Preparation

Actually winning the war on fleas requires a team effort between you the home owner and us the pest management professional. Complete flea elimination is quickly accomplished with the help of our trained technician.

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Flea Control Indoor Treatment Checklist


  • If you plan to steam clean your carpets in the near future, then do this before your first treatment.
  • Treat your pets with vet grade flea products.
  • Wash blankets, pet bedding and anything else you can where pets spend time. Use hot water and dry items on the hot cycle of your dryer.
  • Lift all possible small items off floors and place them on beds. (We can’t treat beds.) Don’t forget items in closets and under beds.
  • Turn off fish tank aerators and cover tanks.
  • To kill fleas in carpet and floors vacuum all floors including wood, carpet, tile, vinyl and others. (The vibration helps get fleas out of the pupae stage so we can eliminate them.)
  • Prepare to be gone during and after treatment for several hours.


  • Don’t reenter your home until all floors and treated couches have dried completely.
  • Wipe off kitchen counters before food preparation.
  • Vacuum daily following treatment for at least three days.
  • Call us to set up a follow up treatment at least two weeks after the first treatment.
  • In preparation for the follow up treatment again lift items off floors, turn off and cover fish tanks and vacuum.

These are proven steps that will quickly allow us to guarantee complete flea elimination. Flea treatments usually run only $199 and produce amazingly fast relief. Contact us to schedule flea relief for your pets and family.


The materials we will use may have a very slight odor, and this will be the odor of the solvents evaporating. The active ingredient does not evaporate and you will not be able to inhale it. If you are concerned about any slight odors please open doors and windows to aerate the areas we have treated.

  • For the next two to four weeks you may continue to see an occasional adult flea. This is normal and expected. It is the result of flea pupae hatch into adult fleas. They will then be killed by our treatment products. This elimination cycle may take several weeks to complete.

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Flea Control Outdoor Treatment Checklist


  • If possible wash outdoor pet bedding with hot water and dry items on the hot cycle of your dryer.
  • Cover pet food and water dishes.
  • Mow your yard just before treatment. The vibration stimulates the fleas and makes the treatment fast acting.


  • Run the mower over as much of the yard as possible three consecutive days following the first treatment. Mow again immediately before the second treatment.

Fast Flea Control

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