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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Ants Control

How to Get Rid of Ants

Ant Control - Learn How to get rid of ants!

Way back when...bugs ruled the earth, about a million ants decided to move into my kitchen seemingly overnight. It was an all out ant invasion. Who knows? They might have been carpenter ants, odorous house ants (piss ants) or something even worse. All I knew was that we couldn't live together. One of us had to go--and it wasn't going to be me! This started the quest to eliminate house ants forever. In desperation I tried ant baits, borax and home remedies of all types. I wasn't stopping until I learned how to get rid of ants for good.


Discovering The Ant Control Solution

Over time, I discovered a powerful system that zapped ants and other bugs right out of life. The recipe was based on amazing new, scientifically developed commercial ant control products applied with great attention to detail and accompanied by memorably great follow-up service. My vision for life without bugs became a reality, and I loved the results--almost as much as my wife loved having her kitchen, home and life back ant free.

The Sugar Ant, Carpenter Ant, Piss Ant (ALL ANT) Solution

Soon family members wanted their ants eliminated too, and almost overnight we were using the proven Bug Zapper Ant Elimination System for old friends and new friends all over Oregon. So many people were living with bugs, putting their homes, kitchens and families at risk--all for no reason. Bug Zapper Pest Control had discovered the solution to ant problems.

Now, thousands of customers have been amazed at the effectiveness of our new ant extermination system–even if they have had other pest control service in the past. That's because we're not just talking about pest control. This is Bug Zapper’s Total Ant Elimination Service! Our customers have discovered how to get rid of ants and are delighted to be able to live life ant free. So happy in fact, that they are quickly spreading the word about the new Bug Zapper Pest Control Ant Solution. Join the movement and discover life without ants!

What Our Customers are Saying

img2.pngJames P. - Springfield - Yelp Review

This company does what they say they are going to do. I had ants everywhere.Had ants !!!! They are totally gone. They took very good care of my house and stand by their work. Making an appointment was very easy. Thank you Bug Zapper.

img3.png Gary - Roseburg

We have lived in this house for 12 years and for the first time, we have no ants! Were it not for the work of your technician, ants would still be making themselves comfortable both inside and outside our home. In addition, your technician is always pleasant, courteous, efficient and a pleasure to see coming down the driveway.

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Ant Extermination Options

We now offer a dynamite one time ant extermination treatment guaranteed effective for 45 days. Even better, fortify your home with our upgraded bimonthly ant prevention system that's 100% GUARANTEED to eliminate ants. Both options also kill spiders, earwigs, wasps, pantry moths and many more home invading bugs. Each treatment also includes complimentary exterior spider web and wasp nest removal--an extra touch favored by many customers!

Option #1 One Time Ant Removal - 45 Day Guarantee

Under 3,000 sq. ft. Home $249

Over 3,000 sq. ft. Home $299

Option #2 Clean Out & One Year Guaranteed Ant & Bug Prevention

Under 3,000 sq. ft. Home Save $50 Only $554/yr

Over 3,000 sq. ft. Home Save $50 Only $719/yr

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