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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services


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Commercial Pest Control Treatments

With commercial facilities, even one bug or rodent seen by a customer can quickly lead to a facebook sensation--the kind you don't need! instead of getting caught by surprise, you can simply expect high pest pressure at commercial structures and be prepared. When it comes to commercial structures, don't take chances by having any pests.

Commercial Extermination

Eugene Restaurant Pest Control Story

We recently inspected a Eugene restaurant and found their pest problems were so bad they had previously hired two other pest control companies at the same time! After months the pests were still winning.

Using our proven pest elimination system, a few months later the restaurant was completely pest free.

Commercial Treatment Guarantee

The Bug Zapper treatment system is proven to provide the absolute highest level of pest elimination and prevention in restaurants, hotels, offices, retail space, assisted living centers and many other commercial locations. We're so confident we guarantee our treatments 100%.

Let us help rid your business of pests with a 45 day guaranteed commercial extermination service. While our One Time Service is often an emergency measure, we highly recommend a Commercial Monthly Service for guaranteed future protection.

Bug Zapper Pest Control's Commercial One Time Service starts with a thorough inspection of your building. Pest entry points, food sources and pest populations are investigated in detail. Safety will be our highest priority as we treat inside and outside your building to kill the pests and prevent their return.

Commercial One Time Service starts at only $99 depending on the building size and pest type. One Time Service is 100% guaranteed for 45 days.

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