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  • Pet Friendly Pest Control Services


Community Matters

Building and protecting local Oregon communities.

Community Matters

Here are a few ways we're working to better neighborhoods and communities across Oregon.

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Our Community Involvement

The Bug Zapper team take a lot of initiative in their respective communities and love to take part in festivities and other projects. We thought we'd gather some of the pics and stories from these adventures and post them here, so you can get to know us as much as we like to get to know our communities!

Independence Day Parade in Harrisburg in 2016! Our technician Robin M. and his kids (and even his in-laws!) join in the festivities along and within the parade. His son even handed out plastic bugs to all the kids as they followed the parade route! Several hours of a great and fun-filled day in the sun.

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Jacob L. and family were sponsors & participants in the Oakland Historic Days in the Summer of 2016. This was a ton of fun and took place in Historic Oakland, Oregon. A great time and informative for the kids!

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